AMC Spain, Fresh produce

For nearly 80 years AMC has been cultivating approximately 3000 hectares. From Tarragona to Huelva, our plantations are located where the microclimates offer the best growing and harvesting conditions for the varieties that we produce.

More than 45 engineers and technicians work in conjunction with the 3000 farmers who make up our network of producers. They provide necessary technical assistance and advice throughout the production process.

Manual pruning, harvesting at optimum ripeness and other agricultural techniques guarantee outstanding flavour for the fruit we market.

The environment

At AMC our respect for nature is part of everything we do. This is demonstrated through our production techniques which are adapted to comply with the strictest regulations, thus minimizing any impact on the environment.


Our products are conditioned at three packing facilities: La Murada (Murcia), Puebla Larga and Carcer (Valencia), and are exported to the principal world markets via our subsidiaries abroad: Agricommerce (for France, Italy and the Benelux), MMUK (for the United Kingdom and Ireland), MM USA and MM Canada (for North America), MM Iberia (for the Spanish and Portuguese markets) and AMC Direct (for Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary).