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AMC International

AMC is structured as a category manager in the citrus fruit sector. We offer our clients a complete line of services including logistics, supply and customisation among others.

Our clients, who are generally among the largest retailers worldwide, are specialists in retail and have a perfect understanding of the consumer. AMC, on the other hand, is a supply chain expert: from the tree to the store. Our expertise in category management is a direct result of the vertical integration strategy that we have used along the supply chain.

Our worldwide presence has been built through this strategy and effectively, there are few places in the world where we are not present today.

The Off-Season

AMC prepares and packages fruit at its packing facilities in Spain after receiving customer orders. The packaging is customised and integrates customers’ specific brand features in order for the products to be exported to major world markets via our foreign subsidiaries. While Spain is the principal source for our products, in order to ensure a continuous supply of quality products and services year-round – even during the off-season – AMC has forged strategic alliances with 280 locally based producers in 19 countries. This complements the Spanish production and provides a consistent supply of fresh products.

During all 52 weeks of the year, AMC is capable of offering its clients the widest possible range of products.

In further developing our international strategy we have massively increased the production of citrus fruit and grapes (our flagship products) in Spain, around the Mediterranean and in the southern hemisphere (mainly in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and South Africa).

Quality, Reliability and Regularity

Spain, Italy, Croatia, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus

Morocco, Egypt

China, Australia

South Africa, Swaziland, United States of America, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay