Research and development is essential to AMC. Within the company this work is conducted by two complementary entities: SNFL and Citrus Genesis.

Their objective is to introduce new varieties to the market whose characteristics offer added value and provide real advantages to the consumer.

SNFL (Special New Fruits Licensing Ltd)

This entity is exclusively dedicated to bringing the best experts in hybridization and the best producers in the world together.

Advantages of our programme “SNFL Club”

• Early or late fruit varieties

• Special or niche table varieties

• A very large product line

• Exceptional quality

• New flavours

• Fruit optimally adapted for transportation and storage

Citrus Genesis:

This entity, more specialised in scientific research, studies the genome of each variety in order to have a detailed understanding of it. It also evaluates each variety’s production potential and its ability to meet the final consumer’s requirements.