AMC Fruit Juice

Experience, continued training and investment in agriculture, research, experimentation and global variety development have enabled AMC to expand its range of products thanks to the techniques used to press and package fruit juice.

In collaboration with partners that are unmatched in expertise and technology, we have developed and enhanced a unique industrial model for the production and pressing of fruit and the packaging of fruit juices.

Diversification through Innovation

We are fully committed to innovation, differentiation and the quality of sensory characteristics. Our technicians and engineers work in coordination with the top companies worldwide, specializing in research on plant varieties, new technological processes, nutrition and natural functional food products. The result of this constant effort is demonstrated in a wide range of sophisticated fruit-based products:

● Fruit and vegetable juice
● Smoothies
● Nectar
● Vegetable sauces and soups
● Fruit drinks with milk
● Functional drinks
● Premium juice

Manufacturing unique, extraordinary, authentic and healthy products is AMC’s objective. To achieve this, we maintain complete control of the entire process; from the tree to the glass. We have been pioneers at many levels of the supply chain. We have implemented entirely computerized traceability, integrated advanced quality control systems using digital optical sensors, patented varieties and created innovative production processes.

The combination of proprietary technologies and a professional, committed and qualified team enables us to offer our customers savory, healthy and unique products so that, when incorporated into a daily diet, they become a sensory pleasure, a moment of hydration and nutrition and in a certain way, a symbol of a lifestyle.

100% natural, hydrating and containing essential nutrients for the body, our juices can be consumed daily and at different times of the day. Fruit and vegetable juices are certainly one of the most convenient ways to consume one or two of the recommended five fruits and vegetables per day.

The Research and Development Department for New Products at AMC is one of the largest in Europe. We work with more than one hundred different varieties of fruit, from all types of climates and parts of the world: Mediterranean fruits (citrus, grapes, pomegranates, nectarines…); fruits coming from colder locations (apples, raspberries, blueberries …); tropical fruits (mango, pineapple, guava, goji berries, acai berries …). We select those with the best organoleptic and nutritional qualities according to the different seasons and offer our customers the most appetizing juices for any time of the day or year.

To accomplish this, we collaborate closely with a wide network of companies specialized in pressing in all of the different climate zones worldwide and we have invested in research and development, infrastructure, qualified personnel and technology transfers in different parts of the world. This enables us to ensure an optimal quality for all of our juices and complete respect for human and environmental resources.

Commitment to Health

AMC’s commitment to the health of the people who use our products is evident in all areas of our research, for which we invest significant resources annually.

We work with specialized scientific scholars, our partners, our suppliers, research centers, foundations, etc. Furthermore, making up our technical team, prestigious nutritionists, dieticians and medical doctors specialized in health and disease prevention through a healthy, functional and natural diet vouch for our health arguments, guide us and advise us about new developments for European fruit juice consumers.

Supported by these tools, we provide our clients various product lines of fruit juice and natural drinks that can be enjoyed by all kinds of consumers: those who love to test new and exotic flavors, children, young people, adults, those who prefer more traditional tastes, those who count every calorie, those who do not consume alcohol but like to have fun, fans of innovation and even those who must follow special diets.