Pressing – Adapted to each fruit

Pressing fruit is delicate, complex and different for each type of fruit. A rigorous control at this stage is essential to optimize the retention of the nutritional and organoleptic properties (color, taste, smell, texture) of each fruit variety; selected, planted and harvested with the utmost of care. This is possible by being involved in each part of the quality control system for a given product and by ensuring that we carefully observe the strict quality, safety, hygiene and authenticity standards that our customers demand and deserve.

The AMC Group has made significant investments in technology and quality control systems at pressing facilities for the different types of fruit for each of the major climate zones worldwide. Our partners and our expertise go hand in hand with the best fruit throughout the entire process and this enables us to guarantee freshness, flavor and the natural authenticity of all our fruit juices for the final consumer.

Pressing mediterranean fruit at FRUIT TECH NATURAL, Murcia, Spain.

FTN Murcia is the result of a joint venture with a group that is a world leader in technology. This involved a large investment and the company created was headed by the Eureka Programme for the transfer of technology nonexistent in Europe. Since the year 2000, the company has been implementing the best Israeli technology combined with continued improvements from our technicians and engineers, in collaboration with universities and companies specialized in Mediterranean fruit. FTN Murcia has become a multifaceted, successful and one-of-a-kind pressing facility, using patented and exclusive processes that enable it to produce a full range of products derived from fruit grown throughout the entire Spanish Mediterranean coast: pure juice, concentrates, essential oils, fruit pulps, compounds, natural and functional peel and seed extracts, etc. Below are some examples of fruits that we work with at FTN Murcia:

● CITRUS FRUITS, including oranges, mandarins, grapefruit, and lemons, one after the other present in different varieties throughout the production season (oranges, navelines, navel-late, valencia, salustiana, mandarins clemenvillas, ortaniques, clemenules, etc.)

● STONE FRUITS, such as peaches, apricots and nectarines

● SUMMER FRUITS, including watermelon and other melons

● AUTUMN FRUITS, including pomegranates and persimmons

Pressing tropical fruit at FTN TROPICAL, Costa Rica.

Tropical fruits, with their intense flavor and incredible nutritional properties, are included in our vast range of fruit juices and drinks: they are naturally rich in antioxidants.

To achieve excellence in quality for these juices, AMC relies on the best of partners, selected after a long and thorough process of industrial testing, sensory analysis and tasting as well as audits. Our tropical fruit juices are the result of the perfect blend of quality, authenticity, expertise, consistency in supply, production sustainability and technology.

In Costa Rica, a lively country if there ever was one, we encountered an ideal partner that had considerable experience in pressing tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango and passion fruit. A joint venture was born out of this encounter: FTN Tropical Making a large investment together has enabled us to exclusively offer our customers the best and freshest natural tropical fruit juices available on the European market.

Pineapple, mango or passion fruit can be harvested several times a year in sustainable plantations located near FTN Tropical and are immediately pressed in order to maintain all of their quality and authenticity until the moment that they are enjoyed for their flavor in the form of pure juices or smoothies by European consumers.

Cold climate fruit pressing at FTN NORTH, Germany.

Central Europe’s continental climate is ideal for growing delicious types of soft fruits such as raspberries, blueberries and other berries. It is also conducive for producing tart varieties of apples and pears: Elstar, Cox, Pink Lady, Braeburn, etc.

To monitor and improve the pressing of these cold climate fruits, and to ensure that the juices remain fresh, natural and authentic, AMC uses strict selection criteria and performs audits on its potential partners. Finally, the wide range of exclusive fruit varieties, unrivaled locations in the heart of Europe for the culture and development of the best soft fruits, rigorous quality control, hygiene and one of the future partners’ leading-edge technology led us to invest our human and economic resources in a joint venture: FTN NORTH.

This technical, scientific and industrial collaboration at FTN North, on Lake Constance, enables us to market cold climate fruit juices, similar to those pressed at home, that maintain all of their organoleptic and nutritional properties and can be enjoyed as delicious juices, natural drinks and gourmet smoothies.

Final packaging

Packaging is an essential step to ensure that our juices are safe, simple to consume, healthy and remain fresh and natural tasting.

At AMC, a large team of technicians and engineers continuously and intensively monitor product and manufacturing process quality so that the final product that the customer receives meets official standards, including the most demanding European quality standards (ISO, BRC, IFS …). Their elements have been studied, defined and verified in their entirety beforehand; both in the laboratory and at the industrial stage.

From raw materials to packaging, all components are inspected and undergo sensory analysis as well as structural, chemical, bacterial and microbiological testing which are performed by external laboratories at one of seven facilities.

Packaging at AMC ZUMOS, Murcia, Spain

At our packing facility in Murcia, we have production lines for various cardboard and PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) formats: 200ml, 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.5L, 1.75L, 2L … Convenience, safety, and sustainability are the factors that influence consumer choice during the final moment for a particular type of packaging, and all of the possibilities are covered by our solutions.

Every year, our R&D (Research and Development) team launches more than 200 new seasonal references. Currently, we condition nearly 900 different recipes; all carefully monitored and taste-tested to make sure that they correspond with the final consumers’ sensory preferences for each of the different European countries.

International Network of Sales Offices

The AMC Group has a worldwide network of sales and logistics offices. More than 500 people work at AMC Fruit Juices Murcia, our parent company, in the sales, production, quality, logistics, finance and research and development departments.

In addition to the business management that is handled out of our headquarters in Murcia, Spain, AMC has other offices that are strategically located to serve our customers in the various markets where we are present:

• AMC Agricommerce, in France, with 50 people specialized in fruit and fruit juices for France, Belgium and Italy.

• AMC MMUK, in the UK, with two main offices, one in Chatteris and another in Soham. In all, more than 150 employees serve our customers for fruit and fruit juices in the UK.

• AMC Deutschland, in Germany, is developing the German, Swiss and Austrian market for fruit juices and fruit drinks.

• AMF, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has experienced growth each year and represents an enormous potential.