The AMC Group

Founded in 1931, AMC is a business group dedicated to the food and beverage sector in the global market, focused on Private Label, specialising in:

  •  fresh fruits
  •  juices, smoothies and natural fruit drinks
  • flowers
  • ice cream

In 2016, the AMC Group reached a consolidated turnover of € 1.142, representing a 14% increase in turnover versus the previous financial year..

The groups more strategic investments include:

  • 3,250 hectares of own citrus fruit cultivation distributed throughout Spain, Israel, USA, South Africa and Chile, as well as further 400 hectares of other fruits, mainly seedless grapes. Own breeding and development centres of new vegetable varieties.
  • Packing and distribution centres of fresh produce in Spain, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, USA, Chile, Peru, Israel, Kenya and the Republic of South Africa.
  • Juice squeezing facilities with proprietary technologies in Spain, Costa Rica and Germany, for fruits of Mediterranean, tropical and cold climates respectively. Juice bottling facilities in Spain and Vlissingen (The Netherlands). Own centres for research and development of new products for main European retailers.
  • Registered companies and business offices in Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, China and Dubai.